Have you ever faced a situation when your car is not functioning properly and you can represent it as junk or scrap that needs to be removed? The first thing that may come to your mind is searching for junk or scrap car removal company in the greater Toronto Area (GTA) to get rid of your unwanted car, this is true, but which company you could rely on doing this task? so let's start by understanding how it works? The junk car removal company will pay you cash while they dismantle and sell off the reusable parts to recycling companies as well as restoring or refurbishing the better condition cars.

The scrap cars removal companies will be interested in the extraction of scrap metal and spare parts from your old car. They normally split the good condition parts from the junk ones; they will reuse the good condition ones to repair a car in a good condition for resold or sell off as a complete unit. The removed parts are less expensive than the units if it is in a good condition. Our company make sure to take the remaining shell to a shredder where its cut and crashed into small parts.

 * Time of towing subject to weather or traffic conditions. 


We serve the following cities within the GTA region:

Richmond Hill Etobicoke Kitchener
Pickering Hamilton Williamsburg
Agincourt Ajax Willowdale
East York Brampton Concord
Don Mills East York Gormley
Islington King City Malton
Maple Markham Milton
Vaughan Mississauga Morningside
Woodbridge North York Weston
Oakville Whitby Pickering
Toronto Scarborough Brooklin
Oshawa Pickering Port Credit




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